Director of Buddies |

Emily Worden

Emily Worden takes initiative to put her ideas into practice. She sees tasks in an organizational scheme, brings a go-getter attitude to the team, and effectively communicates with committee and community members. Seen as a compassionate person, Emily loves South Dakota Miss Amazing because of the empowerment and boost to the participants’ self-esteem that the organization provides.

Currently, as Director of Buddies for South Dakota Miss Amazing, Emily oversees the communication and recruitment of Buddies. These volunteers are paired with a participant and guide, as well as support, them throughout the day. She also promotes events, information, and volunteer opportunities by writing and creating a monthly newsletter.

Emily is an Augustana University student studying business communication. She was an active member of National Honor Society and SALSA at Lincoln High School. Emily was selected to speak about service at the 2017 National Honor Society cording and induction ceremony.