Skills to Last a Lifetime

The required areas of participation at a Miss Amazing event are known as our Skill Areas. We’ve carefully structured them to empower the participants to share their abilities and strengthen their communication skills.

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During this one-on-one conversation with the judges, Miss Amazing participants exercise communication skills that could help them land their dream job or make a new friend.


Presentation in Evening Wear

Confidence can exude from a person’s presence, their eyes, and in the way they hold themselves. In this skill area, the participants take to the stage in their favorite evening wear attire and show their self-assurance with body language and nonverbal communication.



The microphone is yours! During the Final Show, each participant introduces herself to the audience. This skill area offers participants a chance to exercise public speaking skills and to share their strengths and ambitions with members of the community.

Photo By: Kayleigh Lundberg

Photo By: Kayleigh Lundberg

Talent Showcase

The Talent Showcase is an optional activity offered at Miss Amazing. Every singer, athlete, poet, hoola-hooper, etc. who participates in Miss Amazing is welcome to show off her talents on stage. The Talent Showcase is all for the fun of it! The performances are not scored and all performers are recognized with a medal.

Core Age Divisions

Girls and women ages 10-35 participate in all activities offered at Miss Amazing, including ice-breaker activities, the one-on-one interview, personal introduction, presentation in evening wear, and optional Talent Showcase. All participants are awarded for their efforts and one participant from each age division is chosen to represent her age group and state as a Miss Amazing Queen at National Miss Amazing. 


Jr. Teen


Jr. Miss


Sr. Miss

Photo By: Kayleigh Lundberg

Photo By: Kayleigh Lundberg

Rising Stars

The Rising Star division is for girls ages 5 to 9 who want an introductory experience to Miss Amazing. Their journey begins later in the afternoon before the Final Show, at which point they will practice their introductions onstage. During the show, each Rising Star will enjoy her moment in the spotlight to share the many things that make her an amazing girl with a bright and promising future. Finally, the Rising Stars will be awarded for their accomplishments with a crown and trophy!


Photo By: Kayleigh Lundberg

Photo By: Kayleigh Lundberg

Shooting Stars

The Shooting Star division offers women ages 36 and older an opportunity for life-long personal growth and an ever-expanding network of friends. Shooting Stars will be able to participate in all skill areas, but they will not be evaluated by the judges. All Shooting Stars will be awarded for their accomplishments with a crown and trophy.