Schedule Overview

Download a brief overview of the schedule below, but don't forget to review the rest of this page for important details!




Upon arrival, participants will drop off their cans, check-in with our volunteer staff, and paired with their Buddy for the day. Buddies will direct participants to an area where they can place their items for the day and will escort them to either the stage for Talent Practice or a room to a room for Skill Practice.  Participants and Parents/Guardians will have the opportunity to purchase tickets, programs, and merchandise at this time. 



Participants that are participating in the talent showcase will have the opportunity to practice their talent on stage, as well as the chance to develop comfort with the order of events. Their buddy will be with them for support and for any assistance they may need. If they have special clothing for their talent, they are encouraged to wear that outfit at this time. Once they are done practicing their talent, they will be escorted to an area for Skill Practice. If a participant is not doing a talent, they will begin in the Skill Practice area. Buddies will help participants write and practice a little information about themselves for them to share with the audience during the Final Show. 



Shooting Stars participating in the Talent Showcase will need to be in their outfits at this time. Buddies will help participants line up in the correct spot and will stay with them the entire time. 



The Shooting Stars will be the last to participate in the Talent Showcase. Their Buddies will escort them onto the stage and remain backstage until the participant has completed their talent. Once complete, Buddies will bring them backstage, help them change out of their talent outfit if needed, and help them return to the correct place in line for their introduction/skill on stage. During the first aspect of the Final Show, participants will walk onto the stage with their age division and buddy. They will introduce themselves using the information they have practiced during the Skills Practice. Their buddy will stand behind them for support and help if they need it. Participants will then return backstage and line-up for the evening wear portion. In the evening wear portion of the event, participants are escorted onto the stage by a right-hand man. The final portion is the awards ceremony where participants receive their medals, trophies, and crowns.