South Dakota Miss Amazing is a point of light with statewide impact.

Our Story

In April 2015, South Dakota hosted its first annual Miss Amazing Pageant at Augustana University in Sioux Falls, SD. During that first year, we had six girls and women participate in our event. 

After gaining experience from hosting its first year's pageant, South Dakota Miss Amazing worked tirelessly to spread the word about our "one of a kind" event. We gained sponsors and volunteers, who helped our organization grow, allowing us to widen our net and provide more opportunities to our participants. 

In April 2019, we hosted our fifth Miss Amazing Program at the Belbas Center. In our fourth year, we attracted 46 participants and had two amazing shows. We partnered with both Augustana University and University of Sioux Falls football teams and these young men escorted our amazing participants onto the stage. In addition, we were able to provide hair and makeup application to our participants, which the participants loved! Throughout the event, everyone involved was smiling, laughing, and having fun. 

Our goal for South Dakota Miss Amazing is to continue our growth. In 2020, we hope to host 75 participants, 150 volunteers, and raise $20,000 by gaining even more sponsors.  

Our Approach


We offer a chance for women from different walks of life to learn from each other and develop a valuable support system.


We provide opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to test their boundaries and take on new challenges.


We provide a public platform for girls and women with disabilities to define themselves on their own terms and dispel stereotypes.